Hi, I’m Katie and I’m the brains behind MMC! I started this business back in 2016 as a summer hobby and, much to my surprise, it quickly transformed into a full-blown business.  I’ve been busy making magic since then! I have always been a theme park kid-at-heart, so being able to inject some of that pixie dust into my everyday life and sharing that passion with others is truly a dream come true. 

 I am originally from Chicago but I currently live in Phoenix, AZ with my husband and partner in crime, Chris, and our daughter/sidekick/tiny sassmaster Shale. Although I handle most of the MMC tasks, these two help out where they can! Chris handles some of the shipping tasks, and Shale is a great helper on post office runs!  

 When we’re not busy with MMC business, we are adventuring! We love to travel, explore new places, and experience new things. Whether it’s in our own backyard or around the world, we love finding fun things to do. You can see more of our family shenanigans on Instagram @magicmadeco and @shalemeetsworld